Upvote Queue

Stake DVS for a chance in the upvote queue. Posts waiting for upvote will be shown here. As new posts are added, each users share is adjusted based on how much DVS stake they have vs the total DVS stake in the round. When @dhedge reaches 100% vote mana, the round ends and upvotes are cast. A vote share below 0.51% will not receive an upvote.

Vote Mana: 96.68525303301315%
Author DVS Stake Vote Share Permlink
juancar347 17.63576864 0.30180727650366307% @juancar347/eng-spn-the-thousand-and-one-stories-of-toledo-las-mil-y-una-historias-de-toledo
hopestylist 333.72978328 5.711238281468774% @hopestylist/join-the-ongoing-hive-zealy-engagement-is-key
hive-112281 5434.38998392 93.00067799628839% @hive-112281/zealy-campaign-and-building-bbh
gertu 57.63195445 0.9862764457391785% @gertu/mi-entrada-al-concurso-topfivefamily-observa-piensa-escribe-la-zamioculca

Pending Round Total: 5843.387490290001 DVS

Your DVS stake when you enter the queue will be the amount counted, even if your stake changes before the round ends.
Users are entitled to enter voting rounds only once per day, even if they end up not qualifying for an upvote.
*Upvotes are not guaranteed. From time to time the bot streaming the chain and catching upvotes will crash and need restart. Posts missed during this time will not receive an upvote.