Delegate HIVE Power to @dhedge to earn daily payouts in DHEDGE and DVS. Delegate tokens to each tokens delegation account. HIVE delegations are set at 21% APR based on DVS sell price plus a share of DHEDGE too! Hive Engine tokens each have their own pool of DHEDGE for payouts.

All amounts for H-E tokens are estimated based on current account pool balances and current delegations. Adding or removing delegations will change these amounts. Pool payouts will take some time to normalize after large changes in delegations due to the delay between voting and earning curation rewards.

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Paying ~0.0003306136 DHEDGE / LEO / Day

Total Pool Rewards / Day: 12.31710034 DHEDGE*

Total Incoming Delegations: 37255.26900000 LEO

Users: 56

Pool Balance: 2463.44308025 DHEDGE

Paying ~0.0000683295 DHEDGE / POB / Day

Total Pool Rewards / Day: 2.64725707 DHEDGE*

Total Incoming Delegations: 38742.53905217 POB

Users: 79

Pool Balance: 529.45371425 DHEDGE

Paying ~0.0007521960 DHEDGE / BEE / Day

Total Pool Rewards / Day: 2.25880871 DHEDGE*

Total Incoming Delegations: 3002.95219522 BEE

Users: 46

Pool Balance: 451.77094652 DHEDGE

Paying ~0.0000097254 DHEDGE / CTP / Day

Total Pool Rewards / Day: 1.07016058 DHEDGE*

Total Incoming Delegations: 110038.06600000 CTP

Users: 54

Pool Balance: 214.03671793 DHEDGE

*Daily pool rewards are estimated based on current balance, these amounts will change as DHEDGE is added or removed from the pool.