About Page

  • Delegate HIVE Power to @dhedge to earn 21% APR paid daily in DHEDGE tokens.
  • Delegate selected hive-engine tokens to their pool accounts to receive a share of that accounts reward pool.
  • Any user can delegate tokens to one of the supported delegation pools, and will receive a share of DHEDGE each day for their share of delegation.
  • Posting on HIVE, enters a user's DHEDGE into the next voting round. A 100% upvote is split between users of each round every time vote mana reaches 100%.
  • Token accounts only vote when the appropriate tags are used. Extra vote mana may be used in several ways.
  • Need to cash out? Send some DHEDGE to @dhedge with the token you need as the memo. Our bot will swap it for you without touching the hive engine market.
  • Like dividends? Get some daily on your held DHEDGE from @dhedge-drips.
  • This setup gears the token price heavily on how much HIVE and hive-engine tokens are delegated. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a higher upvote value for holding a token will make that token more desirable.